the IT city, the I.T. Baby

Why, no really why?

You may be wondering what the purpose of this site is. I figured I’d spill the beans on it and you can choose to be shocked, offended, horrified, or something else. Really, you’re in your head, not me, I can’t tell you what to be here.

Maggie and Aerin (the reasons)

I have a couple of kids now. I am unable to provide them everything in life and I realize this, but I hope to provide enough. To these ends we’re doing some stuff to make money and get product and hopefully not lie to anyone.

Truth (the other reason)

Much of what I’ve read on parenting blogs and random internet searches is complete BS. Most of it seems to be from well-meaning people who are honestly convinced that their way is right.

To these ends, much like someone famous was , they’re telling a view of the world that may fit, or may not, but it’s not helping and can be easily disproved.

I’m not always right. There may come a day in 15-20 years when someone spots something like a spelling error or that I got a medical fact wrong. At that point, in those far far times, I request that they contact me and let me know. It’ll be fixed.

You’re not a horrible parent (the other other reason)

Idiots out there want you to think you’re a horrible person to consider getting the cheaper product, which would enable you to save for better stuff down the road, or they want you to think you’re a failure because you can’t breastfeed (newsflash, couple hundred years ago they didn’t even name babies until they were one because that was a common occurrence).

I’ll tell you you’re a horrible parent if you don’t get your kids vaccinated against a couple of things, I might fell less strongly about a couple of the other new childhood vaccines, but… I’ll call you a piece of crap if you intentionally hurt your kid, but unless you’re setting about on a course of sexual or mental abuse you’re probably going to get that this is not a blog against you.

Hey – is your baby alive? Congrats, you’re better than most 1700’s parents. Have to formula feed? No prob, your baby’s alive. What you excrete doesn’t make you a better person. Want to shake the baby but haven’t? Keep on not shaking the baby, or walk out of the room for a bit, no shame in anything to keep you sane and the baby alive (if slightly more pissed off).

What we’re doing

Affiliate programs:

Most of the links and reviews here go to Amazon. This links have a tag on them which nets us some of the proceeds. It’s small enough of a percentage that you don’t have to worry about me selling out. Right now we have Cafepress and Amazon affiliate IDs.

Sniffing butts:

It’s my wish that I get some contacts in the baby industry and can at least supplement what Maggie has with being able to honestly report about it like I do with the tech industry. people send me things for review, I review ’em honestly, and even when the review sucks everyone’s still happy.

I’m cheap:

I’ll review anything, but I won’t lie about it unless I’m bribed extremely well. Should you want to bribe me extremely well, please see the contact us page. Please realize I don’t even get out of bed for bribes under $500, and quite honestly probably wouldn’t sell out for that.

Real reviews:

Other than bribed content, which will most likely be marked as such, all content is uncompensated. If you clicked the link for where to purchase it, there’s a chance we get 5% or so of the sale. You can verify whether or not you’re clicking a tagged link by… well, at the moment if it’s on Amazon or Cafepress it’s probably making us money