the IT city, the I.T. Baby

TheITBaby intro

Hi, my name’s Paul. I’m a tech geek and a new father. I’m trying to take some of the nonsense out of this whole baby thing. How about I do something fun and not put what I think this blog will eventually become and just say that I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully I won’t put one of those horrible two-month runs up and give up on it.

The IT Baby may be about fashion, or information technology, or what I’m hoping it will be re-purposing things to make everyone’s life better without repurchasing things. So far it’s about being a jackass and finding what’s interesting rather than what’s out there.

Hrmm, that was me a few months back. I’m quoting myself… heh… ok, actually that’s how WordPress came installed and I ran with it.

So, theITbaby as of October 2018 is Paul, Kim, 5yo Maggie, 3yo Aerin. Paul is the primary writer since 2012, he also writes daily for a site Pocketables. Due to people not being able to figure out the direction of the thing and an SEO group saying I look a bit spammy, here’s what I’m doing:

If I use a product, I’ll review it. If I review it chances are good it’s linked and if you buy it I’ll get some referral money. As you can tell by my fail pail pieces, I’m not particularly invested in getting referral money although it’s nice. If I see an app for babies or toddlers I like I’ll review it. If I see a scam I’ll attempt to debunk it.

If I see someone claiming that you’re a good or bad parent based on your excretions I’ll probably call them an idiot. If I see a way to re-use something you’re probably thinking of throwing away, I’ll probably write about it.

This puts theITbaby all over the radar. You can read it daily and get a feeling for what we’re doing or you can check in occasionally and wonder how I went from baby wipe reviews to automatically illegally retaining data you thought was destroyed.

Just like all the other Android-centric dad-run baby blogs 😉