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About us

Paul King

Paul King is a tech blogger, an IT director at a film production company, a landlord, father, husband, Ingress resistance agent, cat owner, and baby burper.

He was home schooled, in college at 15, got social skills at 37, and somewhere along the way was an improvisational comedian for a few years.

There’s probably a lot more that will be here at some point but it’s 1am and I’m bored talking about myself in second and first person. You can probably email him at Paul at theITbaby dot corm or something like that.

Kim Yandell

Will put something here when she feels like it.

Magnolia Everett King

Is a toddler and currently learning to sing.

Aerin Olivia King

Is a baby and doesn’t do much

theITbaby (site)

Is about anything I’m thinking about, be that hacking, backups, babies, baby toys, or technology and how to baby properly. We don’t have mommyblog connections, so anything we review we’ve purchased, been given, or begged to get. As such, maybe we’re more impartial, who knows.