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It’s been an interesting time… (just an update Dec 2023)

We’ll start with the giant lump in my chest. It’s a tumor of thymus origin that the biopsy returned nothing useful and two rounds of chemo didn’t do jack for (it’s big, it hasn’t grown, it hasn’t shrunk, it may or may not be cancer but who knows? 9 needles in my chest revealed nothing). Once again in medical limbo as we end the year. The chemo is probably the reason for not updating for the last couple of months. My youngest’s school is another.

TL;DR – blog, ramlbing

Ever watch a kid who loves to learn decide they don’t want to go to school and would rather hide away in a game or their imagination because they’re unable to learn? That’s what one classroom has turned into my my 8-yo’s school. It’s been a series of fascinating and disheartening discussions and I come out at the end that if I had significantly more health and weren’t such a shitty parent I’d probably work at homeschooling.

That said, I’m a shitty parent, I have things I cannot accomplish with a kid in tow, and yeah. It’s been a realization that unlike my mother I can’t homeschool. This is interesting coming from a homeschooler. Also why I feel like I’m a shitty parent.

The hope is that things will get better with a reboot that’s planned for the first day that school resumes, but I worry that the same batch of kids who need nonstop attention are going to continue needing nonstop attention and nothing will end up getting done because, well nothing seems to be getting done.

TheITBaby has suffered… I have been unable to write much, and have not really had any useful advice to give as I deal with two disparate kiddos growing up with their own challenges while attempting to become the vapid influencers they’ve come to idolize on YouTube.

Went ahead a few months ago and removed YouTube from the house for the kids. They still get a little of it at school and that little bit is, at least, what their friends are watching and not the god damned cult recruitment videos they somehow stumbled on again and again. Unfortunately the 8 & 10 year olds can not recognize scripted morality plays that end up sucking you into the algorithm of various organizations masquerading as churches, or spiritual centers.

At the end of 2023 I’m engaged in attempting to train my children to recognize manipulation. This applies to everything from the kid who wants to be the center of attention all the time to a cheaply made morality play attempting to get you to follow an overseas group that aims to make your mind clearer and your soul less burdened. But my kids don’t see this at first glance because each is attempting to escape something at school.

I’ve given up on reviewing the toys we’re offered. We have no space for them and the deals these companies want to make are unreasonable, and when I post an objective review of how something is not living up to what it needs to, well, that’s been a massive waste of my time because burned bridges, and if I post an ad showing exactly how something doesn’t stack up it just scares away people.

Wish I could work off of a system like Consumer Reports, but I very much doubt people are interested in paying me and the kids to play with stuff. Womp womp.

Not really sure what I’m planning on doing with theITbaby next year. I’ve been flailing around just attempting to support one site (Pocketables) and with how my energy and time has been the last few months and with having to make sure that if I keel over from this tumor in my chest before the doctors figure out what to do, it’s been hard enough.

I’ve got a few people offering to post on the site, but in generally I’ve found from the Pocketables side they’re mostly trying to work for people who pay them… there’s something about posting reviews and commentary on a product you’re getting paid to do so that just stinks and I’m not interested in promoting.

Fun times… if you happen to be a reader and have any interest in helping out, and are not employed by an SEO firm and actually have something to write about, lemme know.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.