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Roblox and Nolensville Pike taught my 8yo to be a scammer

I drive my kids to their respective schools every day, and every day there’s a traffic slowdown coming or going along Nolensville Pike and Thompson Lane and the intersection is filled with people asking for money. The main takeaway she’s had from exposure to this for 5ish minutes a day 5 days a week for the past couple of years is that there are homeless, jobless, actually hungry (fixed income,) and scammers.

Oh wait, if you’re reading expecting a bashing of the homeless, skip it. This is scammer talk.

We’ve got a pretty good handle on who the scammers are due to neighborhood and anti-scam groups. These being the groups of people who come out saying X kid died of cancer and they’re trying to raise money for a funeral. There are a couple of other extremely specific playing on human emotions of tragedy to make it a business that we’ll skip.

But my kiddo took one of the scams and moved it onto Roblox and we caught her last night in her evidently successful criminal enterprise.

While I’m not going to detail the scam, it involved a couple of devices she was controlling and multiple noobs.

We talked with her about it a bit and yeah, she basically took a family funeral scam and just moved it right onto a scamming Roblox career.

Fun times…

Paul King

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