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Four days, three incidents

When last we talked I’d mentioned the idiot kid flashing a firearm magazine at school, and then there was a lockdown that happened while I was writing the article mentioning that, so yeah nothing else was going to happen that week was there?

Tuesday was the lockdown, Wednesday was the bomb threat called into another school nearby but they took it extremely seriously and engaged in a lockout, Thursday was no school because it was voting day. This brings us to Friday.

Friday was a half day / lunch with your kids. It wasn’t really a half day, but most people treated it as such. I went and had lunch with the kiddo, I needed to go to work so I left after about an hour, got to work and about 12 minutes later got a call that 10yo was sick… headed back to get her, I fully expect that her sickness is what hit me and Kim later on, quick insane stomach ache followed by nothing particularly bad happening.

I got her home, she went from looking like death to feeling better… I’ll stress I had nearly the exact same thing happen two days later so it was something fast and furious, and I get the email/text combo.

Dumbasses at her school were sending around a tic-tok or some version thereof hoax saying the school was going to be attacked in a targeted shooting. I asked her if this is why she left and she looked at me and told me she didn’t want to go to this school any more. I don’t really blame her at this point.

Paul King

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