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Kiddo’s first witnessed streetfight

Had picked up some new school orientation packets and a book at my 10ager’s new school and we needed some poster board. My plan had been do go to a Dollar General that’s up by my work after I got a few things done, but GPS took me to an area I generally am not in that was smack dab between my kid’s new school and my work and we pulled right up to an unexpected Dollar General.

In case you’re wondering, I knew there was a route that wasn’t the interstate to get to work, but I was unsure of which roads would get me there. If kiddo’s new school wasn’t where it is I wouldn’t be exploring this day and we wouldn’t have come across the unexpected DG.

The DG was fine, everything but one person’s parking was great, but across the street were two older men fighting with a few people screaming from across the street. It was some sort of argument between what appeared to be a couple of far too hot men, while onlookers screamed at them. I didn’t catch anything that was being said but I looked at the two men fighting and noticed a lack of guns and weapons and resumed my business of getting into the car.

It was an odd fight with people screaming and throwing punches that never seemed to connect or barely did and if they hadn’t brought the fight from across the street to the exit of Dollar General me and kiddo wouldn’t have been involved whatsoever. But we ended up about 20 feet behind the fight watching people screaming and being pushed for maybe a minute or two and kiddo asked if we should be worried.

I told her no. This was a fight between two people and no guns were involved. The only reason we’re even spectating at this point is because we cannot physically leave the place without running people over. There were people on their phones calling the police on the side so there was nothing we even could accomplish.

This was remarkably a different scene than when those idiots got into a firefight 500 feet away. Everyone’s involved in a firefight. This was just… a couple of people throwing punches and a few spectators.

I don’t want my kiddo in these situations. but damn what a lower stressor it is when it’s people without guns or weapons… while they were morons fighting, they weren’t chickenshit morons who resort to shooting or stabbing. Getting out of that situation could be accomplished and nobody but the people involved were involved. (well, and us because we couldn’t exit a parking lot)

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.