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My favorite child gave me this mug – A mother’s day tale

My favorite child gave me this mug

My kids are deadbeats and do not have jobs yet, meanwhile I’m working like 6 and recovering from either long covid or a severe allergic reaction. As such I ordered a couple of things for them from Amazon because the only thing they answered when asked what mom liked was “coffee” and “sleep.”

So one of the items I got for them to give was a coffee mug that states “my favorite child gave me this mug.” I gave it to the 7yo to gift and we placed it in a bag with absolutely no wrapping. This was a standard coffee mug, in an open bag, anyone could see.

The other gift was in another open bag, no wrapping, just a bag, and weighed 3 pounds or so.

I told the littlest that she could not tell mom what it was or give hints… within an hour she was dropping hints…

“Hey mom… just to let you know… I’m your favorite child.”

Many variations of that… this went on for a couple of days I guess right in front of me… Saturday Night she gives me a knowing glance and says “daddy… I gave her a hint.” I mean I would have had to have severe hearing or brain damage to not have caught that any of the 37 times she hinted that in the last couple of days…

I told her “I know you did… that’s why I swapped out the gifts.” I hadn’t.

Mothers day comes and she gives her mom the gift… it’s the wrong one. She went and stole the gift from her sister’s room, and even though it was three pounds, and open, and you could look in and see it was not the coffee mug, and even though you could feel the weight was way off, presented the stolen gift as hers. This amused the oldest greatly.

She came at me with “you lied! you didn’t switch the gifts.” and I responded that she had lied (she’d promised to no hints and keeping it a secret) and could have avoided the switcharoo if she had 1) looked at the contents of either completely open bag. 2) see 1.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.