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The BlendJet 2 – a hard review, because there’s nothing wrong with it

This review is a long time coming, I believe tomorrow marks three months of the BlendJet 2 being in my possession without a review and that’s probably a record.

After nearly three months of use the only notes I have on this is that maybe a little rubber plug for the USB-C would be useful, and perhaps a little button-pressing guide printed on the unit for new users who inadvertently find the child lock is on.

BlendJet 2 cleaning – yeah, it’s that easy

You’ve got every other review on the planet talking about how to clean it, but what you probably don’t have is that when the blades are exposed to the air / the cup is off / there is no power. Oh, you could slice yourself if you tried, and you can rig up a magnet if you wanted to bypass, but without some work the worst this could do to most people is a small cut.

BlendJet 2 Olaf... I'd like to blend Olaf
You know, because we need more Olaf even though I can’t find a kid who likes him

The BlendJet 2, stronger than expected. Multiple uses. Never ran it out of power. Shredded ice properly. Cleaned itself in the sink – it should be noted that any blender can *mostly* clean itself with a little soap and water in the sink, however corded blenders tend to kill you if you do this. Easy freaking cleanup. Blend anywhere.

The easy cleanup means it’s useful at most offices. I mean yeah, you could take this to a mountain top and blend yourself a smoothie while watching a majestic eagle take off into the sky, but chances are you’re wanting to make a quick nutritious drink at the office and not wanting to deal with assembling the office blender, blending up a storm with the world’s loudest motor, then cleanup. Quick and easy smoothie at the office and you don’t have to spend 40 minutes commuting eleven blocks to Smoothie King.

The cleanup on the BlendJet 2, really… easy. You can blend wherever for no noise so … bam, parking lot… blend that sucker without having to annoy Jill from HR.

Got kids and a soccer game after school and need to power the little humans with recently blended not melted smoothy? Bam.

Yeah, no complaints. The unit I received included some packets to blend, and they’re good but I’m not going to review them individually… they have some good flavor and are a great example of what you can achieve with the BlendJet 2 and a minute of prep, but we’re not a smoothie blog.

Anyway, great product, believe the hype on the blender being the next logical step in blender evolution.

So yeah, really had no complaints. I will note that as this took so long because I was attempting to locate flaws, and also I don’t drink a lot of smoothies, all my product shots are sitting on another device so you get the stock photos here. Oh yeah, side note – I make no commission on the sales here, nor am I claiming these are better than any other portable blenders because, I don’t do a lot of blender reviews. Feel free to ask any questions and if I can answer ’em I will

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BlendJet 2

The BlendJet 2 is a portable, rechargeable, powerful blender. It's a bit of a game changer.

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