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Google rolls out new way for kids to beg

Google has added in-app requests to purchase stuff. This comes as a surprise to me because I get requests fairly frequently to purchase items related to Roblox (usually X number of Robux.) Purchase requests have been rolled out, which send a request to the family manager who can then approve or disapprove the requests on their device.

A queue of items can be created giving you time to evaluate whether you want your kiddo to have this particular digital trinket.

Purchase requests

I usually don’t see the child’s side of requesting product, but the approval requests queue appears new.

We have yet to approve a purchase. One thing I do wish here is there were settings for auto-decline. Some app tricked my 7yo into requesting a $199 product recently and it’d be nice to just put a cap on the prices that can even be requested… like $9.

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