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Why my kids are having a bit of trouble trusting Nashville police

A few nights ago… you know what, I’m going to post the official Metro Nashville Police Dept release:

Nashville Police media release on shooting at H & M Motors in Nashville

Just in case it’s not readable in the picture above:

Two suspects involved in a vehicle theft at a used car lot on Nolensville Pike early
Monday morning, that led to a shootout with employees of the business, are recovering and
will be arrested upon their release from the hospital.
The preliminary investigation indicates three suspects were attempting to steal a Dodge
Charger from the lot when an altercation with employees ensued resulting in gunfire.
Anthony Thomas, 20, and a 17-year-old suspect were injured in the shootout and will
be charged with vehicle theft. A 23-year-old backseat passenger of the Charger exited the
vehicle prior to the shooting.
The lot employees were not hurt.
Violent Crimes detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding
the shooting.

This is what the police released to the media, and so far police have said it was a justified self-defense shooting. Seems pretty cut and dry there doesn’t it? You’ve got your answer, there’s going to be a little investigation but mainly it’s closed. Poking around gets nowhere.

Little bit of details that were left out… even my kids caught it…

The altercation happened at 2am. This is AM… two hours after midnight at a lot that closes at 6pm. Probably 8 hours after any employee should be on the lot.

Hours listed on Google currently

The employees did not appear they were on the lot when this was happening because they flew up and blocked a car in. At least that’s what the wreck that shut down Nolensville Pike tends to indicate. At the point the robbers attempted to get out in a stolen car they evidently hit the car of the lot employees who were now there at 2am, my guess at this point is the resultant gunfire was entirely from the employees.

27 shots.

Within 500 feet of this car dealership are 22 residential homes. Mine being one of them. 511 feet from where the shootout occurred, with a direct line of site from her window, my 9yo’s head was on a pillow as 27 shots over a property crime happened. To be clear, two people are in the hospital with gunshot wounds at least. 27 shots. For a used Dodge Charger.

Do we hear anything from the police about reckless endangerment? Why the lot employees put themselves into a position this happened at two freaking in the morning? Why it’s not a great idea for citizens to place themselves into a situation where they’re going to get into a firefight with some dumb kids stealing a used car? How maybe let the police handle this, invest a few bucks in GPS trackers and insurance?


Paul King

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