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Plaster your walls with inspiration from the Flora Maria Shop

We’d just watched an episode of Abbott Elementary in which a substitute teacher works at making his classroom walls a bit more representative of him and his students (we’re at least 10 episodes behind, so don’t take this as anything other than that we watched this a couple of weeks ago.) The next day I was contacted by the Flora Maria Shop to look at perhaps reviewing their decorative inspirational wall art.

Flora Maria Shop's posters 2022

It seemed like an interesting coincidence, and I told them right off the bat I didn’t think they’d even recover the cost of shipping with my promotions. They insisted, and a few days later 22 double sided laminated prints showed up to my doorsteps to be picked over by my children, and later to a Girl Scout troop and school as part of a pre-holiday get together/movie night.

It was an oddly popular giveaway item as the posters got traded and bargained for.

Child #1 going through the Flora Maria Shop's posters for what she wanted.
First pickings go to the kiddos.

They’re quality made, very schoolroom appropriate, and evidently a good item to give away to 9ish year-olds.

They’ve survived a week without being put up by my 7 & 9 year olds, and that has surprised me. Little bit sturdier than I expected. Would have expected a tear by how many times they’ve been moved by the littlest.

Flora Maria Shop posters laid out as prizes.
Very blurry photo from movie night as these were laid out for the taking, before the bargaining and trading started. It became inspirational Pokémon somehow.

The saying either inspire you or don’t. There’re 22 double sided posters with them in color on one side and black and white on the other. At the current time they come in at a little over $1 a poster, and are your thing, or they’re not.

But yeah, 7-9 year olds really dig these for reasons I don’t quite get. Perhaps because they’re like a little positive piece of school right in their own room. Don’t know.

You can check out the Flora Maria Shop’s poster selection we got at Amazon, and here are some more in their store

Paul King

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