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ShareTheDrop App connects babies in need with mothers with extra milk

Earlier this year one of three major baby formula factories shut down because of dangerous conditions. This lead to widespread formula shortages and hoarding, and we’re still in a situation for the foreseeable future where there’s very little commercial incentive to change this as profits above all, and all that.

Ripped from the ShareTheDrop website

Enter: ShareTheDrop

ShareTheDrop is an app/company that connects those with milk with those in need. Get your baby fed, or feed some stranger’s baby. Bottom line is baby gets to eat.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, it’s something that probably will be needed by someone you know at sometime in the future. Whether due to a completely preventable supply chain shortage, random hoarding, or the collapse of society for a couple of weeks in 2023.

I have no position on ShareTheDrop. wish they’d been out there in front of the whole shortage when people were desperate, or at least that I could have referred people to them back then. Just passing the information along and letting you do your own research. I do not know what levels of privacy or personal protection are offered so make sure to take care of yourself.

In the meantime, be aware that any crazy political psychos, or foreign invaders (less likely,) can literally shut down the US’s baby formula supply by taking out one manufacturing plant. They could probably even do it with just a phone call. The United States, we’re just not prepared, and there is no good strategic formula supply even being discussed that I’m aware of.

You can get the ShareTheDrop app on Google Play. The iPhone version you can sign up to be notified when it releases for iOS on the ShareTheDrop website… so yeah, I just realized this is the STD app and now I can’t unsee it.. let’s hope for a name change to at least ShareADrop.

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