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Ranking the Nashville area YMCA pools (2022)

This is purely by what my kids have enjoyed and seen. Not by chlorine levels, hours, etc.

TL;DR version: Maryland Farms, Franklin, Northwest, Donelson/Green Hills/Maddox

Northwest Family YMCA
3700 Ashland City Hwy · (615) 242-6559

Indoor pool only that I saw, two slides that appear very fun. Water sprayers when they’re on. No exterior pool that I’ve noted. Exterior splash pad, but was not available when we went. Been there a couple of times, kids loved it when they turned on the interior water works. Those are off when there’s a class going on however.

Image source: Google Maps

Sprayers, dump buckets.

Margaret Maddox Family YMCA
2624 Gallatin Pike · (615) 228-5525

Exterior pool, one slide. Zero entry area with a mushroom sprayer.

Image source: Google Maps

Water slide has a serious amount of water that comes down it. Creates an undertow. I’m not the world’s strongest swimmer but dang that’s kind of pully. Kid section is far from it so no worries. Fun. First pool we’ve ever been at that got shut down for poop.

Green Hills Family YMCA
4041 Hillsboro Cir (615) 297-6529

Fun, just a pool inside and out. No real frills and has been nonstop construction inside for the past year it seems like.

Inside, Source Google maps
Outside, source: Google Maps

Maryland Farms YMCA
5101 Maryland Way, Brentwood, TN (615) 373-2900

The best there is, unfortunately closing down at the end of this year. Two exterior pools, interior, large areas to play, slides. Huge. Hands down the best I’ve been to. Closing, of course.

I mean look at this beauty of an interior pool (source Google Maps)
And this kiddo playland (source Google Maps)
And this super large adult pool with dual kid slides (Source Google Maps)

Franklin Family YMCA
501 S Royal Oaks Blvd, Franklin, TN 37064 (615) 591-0322

Interior and exterior pools. Couple of shortish slides. Rock climbing walls that you can fall off of into the water. Wall was closed when we went. Do not know what the deal is with it. Interior pools are a little small, and a hot tub. Overall ok, kids loved the outside.

Image source: Google Maps
Image Source: Google Maps

The downtown Nashville YMCA – we have not been to with the kiddos, but as I recall it’s just a low-frills pool.

Donelson-Hermitage YMCA
3001 Lebanon Pike (615) 889-2632

Two exterior pools, slides for both swimmers and non-swimmers. One interior pool. Seems more fun for littler kids but I have not had much experience here as we got shut out for lightning once and had 20 minutes the next time before a swim lesson inside.

Oddly there’re no pictures of the exterior pools. One large, one smallish for little ones.

Interior pool is neat, but nothing different.

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