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Wait, you lost another tooth in less than a freaking week?

Yesterday was me taking the kiddos out to a local pizza joint because they’d never been to two for Tuesday.

Kim was at a girl scout event getting the award for best everything it looks like. Aerin had a wiggly tooth. Maggie is in TCAP testing and two+ hours a day she’s taking nothing but tests and is freaking exhausted constantly. Not sure if it’s the testing or that the weather has pretty much knocked us all down, but it was treat time as she had 2-3 more days of testing.

The pizza made Aerin’s tooth worse. Not knocking the pizza, but it was almost perfect for not being easy for a wiggly toothed kid to handle. It was decided we would head over to Jenni’s Ice Cream.

Might want to stop reading here if what you know is going to happen grosses you out.

We got ice cream, sat down, and somehow Aerin’s tooth popped somewhat out and blood started squirting on the ice cream. She was freaking out, there was blood dripping down her face, tears everywhere, and a tooth just sort of hanging from a vein that was oddly thick.

I asked her what she wanted me to do because I really had no clue what to do other than yank it. She didn’t want me yanking it. It was decided to yank it. My fingers couldn’t grip. I pulled out my Leatherman with pliers, realized the site of it was making her distressed and put it back up.

A man next to our table said he was a dentist and told me to dry my fingers, grip the tooth from the side and then it would work. Pop. Done.

For the next 15+ minutes Aerin was crying about various things… I think the pain went away pretty quickly because we pressed ice cream up against the thing… not the most sanitary option I know but I worked with what I had.

One of the things she was worried about was she would not be able to eat until her teeth grew in. That was a weird fear that we got through pretty fast. Took a picture to show her her new teeth were already pretty far out so she was going to have nubbins in a day or two.

She was scared people would think she looked funny – had her talk into a selfie and ask her did she look funny? Did you even notice her teeth? Maggie talked and I asked her how often she noticed her upper teeth. I was like – dude, you’re 6, you lost a couple of front teeth, nobody can tell unless you snarl at them and even if they can tell it’s not embarrassing. You’re 6. 6yos lose teeth.

I put her tooth in a bag last night, told her to not open the bag because we couldn’t lose another tooth. Wrote up a delivery notice from Steve the Sprite subcontractor for delivery along with notice that there was a photographic record of delivery.

Her biggest thing today was running out and telling me “The Tooth Fairy was here and her name is Steve!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that Steve was just a subcontractor, even though it’s written out in very plain wording on the delivery notice.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.