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How fast can a kid access rape centric content on a default TV install? About ten seconds.

So today I learned some interesting things. The main is how easy it is to get straight to a rape-centric sexual mutilation movie on a default smart TV setup with no configuration. I’m going to stress this is on an out of the box setup in general.

TL;DR – old man genuinely gobsmacked how easy to stream violent rape movie on default settings. Not angry, just really really surprised.

We’re going to talk about how easy it is to find and watch a movie called I Spit On Your Grave. I’m not dissing this movie, I’m just using it as AN example. I am pretty sure it can be universally agreed that accidentally, or even intentionally watching this would not be a good thing for most kids. Here’s the IMDB parents guide – TL;DR I assure you it’s not appropriate for any child, probably should be rated NC-17, not R but I’m not the MPAA.

My pearls aren’t clutched here as a note, an I’m not advocating raising pitchforks. Just saying this is how easy it is to get to this movie. Probably 10 seconds max if your child can spell.

I am genuinely fascinated by how easy streaming this movie is. I will note for purposes of this, this is using default out of the box and on the wall minutes after install scenario. This does not assume any actions other than connecting to the internet. You set up all your parental controls and blocked their iPads and devices from all streaming services and the associated web pages right?

There are other movies, plenty, you can find what they are on your own. This isn’t about I Spit On Your Grave. This is about a default TV install you don’t suspect is 7 taps from streaming rape and revenge movie. I mean what kid ever accidentally searched “spit?” Never would happen right?

VIZIO – SmartCast has a search option. It’s at the top when you turn on your TV. Go there, type “spit” and a list of streaming service providers for I Spit On Your Grave will be there along with a couple of sequels and the original in some instances. Plex and Tubi stream it for free. There are a few others listed but I didn’t check which said free and which were to purchase.

You don’t have to have an account with Plex or Tubi, nor do you have to claim you’re an adult. I’m not going to try and shock you with what is in that movie, there’s literally nothing after the first five minutes that I’d say is acceptable for a younger audience.

Roku – install Plex or Tubi – for me both were already installed, however I believe I might have had to install Plex at some point in the past. I’m pretty sure Tubi was preinstalled because I had not heard of it before today that I know, but who knows. Open either app. Guest on Plex or No sign in required on Tubi. No age verification. Search for it.

Just in case you didn’t have one of them installed? Use the Roku Search bar and you can see the movie, where to stream it for free (they had 3 options,) tapping that I just installed IMDB TV and started streaming it with no age or account question from the app.

I don’t have other manufacturer’s TVs to test out at my house, but I suspect similar.

Neither Plex, Tubi, nor iMDB TV had anything stopping me from streaming adult content as directed from Roku or VIZIO products.

The non-TV iPad/Android/Windows side

PLex’s webpage has no restrictions to streaming it. Android and Windows browser, probably iPad as well. Tubi you can start streaming from their web page just clicking this link. I clicked on IMDB TV’s link from the IMDB page above and it launched a browser on Amazon and started streaming right away.

Am I calling for violence and protests, nope. Just warning you if you feel the need to restrict access to content, you need to actively test access to said content.

I am also, once again, smacked in the gob over how easy to stream this movie and several I consider far worse. Kid more likely to type “spit,” than the others however.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.