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6yo lost tooth, later lost the lost tooth, here’s what I did

My littlest lost a tooth today that’s been loose for we’re thinking about six months at this point. It’s been an insane wiggly tooth journey that definitely started in 2021, and it’s April 2022 now and it fell out in the tub.

My oldest by this point had lost almost all of her baby teeth it seems like, but this one is on tooth #3 I think. As such she was quite excited for tonight’s tooth fairy visit. It was also a bit traumatic as I think it hurt when it fell out. All combined it was an emotional night and she was so excited for it to be concluded and wake up with tooth fairy dollars.

I put her tooth in a zip lock bag and gave it to her for easier tooth fairy extraction and… she opened it an hour later in bed, pulled the tooth out to look at it, and promptly lost the tooth in the dark and broke down sobbing looking for it before coming out. I can’t find it, she can’t find it, it’s most likely in another dimension and she was sobbing about not getting a visit tonight.

The tooth fairy in the past has had issues with our oldest and our alarm system preventing exchange, and has left delivery exception notes in the mailbox previously, however this night and level of sadness with the youngest required advanced… everything. New playbook for a different child.

Sooo… after telling her a little bit about NFTs and how the actual value in the tooth was not in the physical tooth but the ownership of a non-reproducible identifier that involved blockchain sourcing for the transactional records… and yes the entire economy of teeth collection involved perceptive value (I recited all of this like the NFT bros have told me…) she listened to my explanation and said it sounded valid and went to bed.

The value for the fairy is not the tooth, it’s the NFT.

Then we forged attempted retrieval documentation, a mid level retrieval position, an office, and placed it in an envelope addressed to valued tooth customer #something.

Tooth Fairy delivery or retrieval exception
(tooth fairy image obscured because I can’t find license / no license info / don’t wish to rip anyone off)

That’s about it. It’s sitting under her pillow at the moment.

Update: Day two brings drama

Paul King

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