Kickstarter spotlight: myFirst Insta Wi – cam w/printer

Hard stop – don’t buy until they get this image mess fixed.

So as a note this has evolved into a multi-issue event I’m covering over on Pocketables which involves lockups, bad image quality, lost images, screen burn, all from some bad firmware. The company responded that I’d been given an engineering sample, shipped me another camera, and it has the same issues. Click here to read the ongoing reviews. 3 videos of locked up cameras, image comparisons, etc.

About a year ago I started a review on the myFirst camera. This was a ruggedized kid-friendly instant camera that could print out photos in black and white using a built in thermal printer. It shipped with a gig of storage (expandable to 32,) and with a 12mp camera seemed to be a pretty cool little device.

Temporary update – whoa, do not purchase this until this is fixed – just got to playing with it and at 12mp in perfect lighting the pictures it produces are terrible. See picture below. Fuzzy, 400×300 effective quality (basically a 10th of what it should be) Waiting on them to get back to me on what’s happening (firmware v1)

This fuzzy beast is under studio lighting and looked significantly better on the tiny screen than it did in the 400K jpeg.

A year in and my fridge is littered with black and white photos of me and Kim taken from approximately 2 feet under our noses, usually with a sticker applied or a filter that added bunny ears.

The next generation of the camera, the myFirst Insta Wi is in my hands now, and launching a kickstarter at 9am Eastern Standard Time between August 14th and October 14th 2021. The myFirst Insta Wi will be about $70 on Kickstarter.

The main differences between the original myFirst Camera and the Insta Wi appear to be WiFi connectivity, an app, a 16mp sensor, and the ability to print stickers it looks like. Based on the video below it appears there’s some special sticker paper included but I don’t see it on my info.

I’ll be testing the new version starting tonight should everything go as planned and will have a proper review up sometime during the Kickstarter.

I’d be remis as a reviewer if I didn’t cover what was wrong, and hopefully now fixed, with the previous generation’s offering – blocky image compression (fixable with a firmware update, but 12mp was effectively 3-5 due to jpeg compression settings,) SD cards that shipped were slow (which caused lockups,) no documentation on reset button (which I found,) but generally they’ve been pretty solid. Also hated that I had to pop the cards or locate a cable to transfer photos (which this may have fixed with the WiFi connectivity) – My kids also had quite a bit of trouble with the old one plugging in a micro USB to charge. Here’s to hoping for a better connection that’s less easy to break.

Check out their kickstarter starting tomorrow at 8am Eastern

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.