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Back to school with iClever TransNova headphones

The iClever TransNova over the ear headphones are wireless or wired, depending on your needs, and volume limited to three separate levels. They also include LED side lighting and kind of cool cutout plates that you can easily pop in and out.

TL;DR – above average sound, ok/good mic, battery life is great, doesn’t grab hair, few complaints.

You can also make your own cutouts should you want, but that’s not part of the thing, just something my kids did using cardboard.

Volume can be limited to 74, 85, or 94dB as you see fit. 85 being the recommended max for over an hour, and 94 being about the minimum required for a road trip or on a plane. The TransNova has built in microphones which sound ok, they’re a good version of your average microphone, but your kids are probably not going to host a talk show on NPR with this headset.

Audio quality seems on par with the $50-$80 adult headsets I’ve been running into lately – that being extremely good, or what the $200 headsets were about three years ago. I’m not going to really talk quality more than to say they do the job well, but trying to listen – they don’t properly fit an adult’s head and as such never were actually placed correctly on my ears. The TransNova sounded really good, but it may be great.

My kids are pretty much useless at attempting to describe how something sounds, so yeah.

The color shifting LED can be shut off for when your kid becomes that kid in class. The 45 hour battery life means in most in person school situations you’ve got about a week or two of battery life. The 3.5mm audio ability means your kid can somehow lose the 3.5mm audio cable even though they never leave their desk. How kid? How did you lose the cable and why are they $8 on Amazon? Do you think these things grow on trees?

They claim USB Fast charging, however I wasn’t able to test this – their spec page says 10 minutes of charging is 4 hours of use, meaning about two hours for the 45 hour charge. That’s pretty decent. And when your kid forgets to charge the headset, they can use the 3.5mm audio cable that… AHHH HOW DID YOU LOSE THAT CABLE ALREADY JOSH?

My only critiques of this are the controls are not … you can feel them, but it’s not obvious what your finger is on. They’re indented in. If they had a raised dot or two you might know which was the right thing to press for vol up, down, etc. Oh, you’ll figure it out if you have them, but if you work with a few headsets you’ll have to learn ’em.

Also this lists as good for teens – when I was 15 my head was this size, they do not fit me. I have a large noggin however. This will fit normal sizes however.

Overall – good, inexpensive, feels well made, and my kids absolutely refused to model them without making faces.

Grab the iClever Transnova headsets on Amazon. They’re available in two colors and you guessed what those are.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.