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My Talking Angela 2 delivers

My Talking Angela 2 was released a few weeks back, unfortunately, during a very long screen ban for my kids. I’d planned on covering this before it released, but then two kiddos earned themselves a very long vacation from technology, and then playing catch up with Pocketables, work, being on the only vacation I’ve had in two years, etc… you know..

My Talking Angela 2

If you were a fan of punching a cat in Talking Tom, you probably are not going to quite like this as the elements don’t really involve nonstop cat punching. If you were a fan of My Talking Angela, this is the logical next game.

I’ve tried to get my kids to explain why the game is so good, and unfortunately the general belief is if you stress the word “so” and squeal at “good” that is somehow a valid review. I’ve told them it is not, and to attempt to describe why they find it fascinating, but the best I can get is that it’s fun, you can do a whole lot of activities, and it involves not a lot of frustration, which most games tend to introduce when they want money.

Puzzles, minigames, fashion (hold on, “So Fashion!”,) dancing, and all the things that can garner the attention of an 8 & 5yo are in the game and without an excess of “buy this,” “unlock this for $0.99” – at least from what they’ve brought me.

Overall, as a virtual pet competing in the Barbie fashion/dress-up space, it’s been significantly less of a parental burden than most games, seems really well designed to not turn kids into rage monsters attempting to get things, and is pretty cute. I’ve been shown progress quite often by rather proud kiddos, although I have to admit I don’t know where exactly they started from so I’m just looking at an increasingly cute cat I’m imagining.

As a parent, rating a kids game, I’m going to say it’s significantly less annoying, very engaging, and so far I don’t see any red flags to worry about (which I sure did with Talking Tom.) Then again… It’s something to consider if you’re looking for a virtual pet/alternative to Barbie games.

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Paul King

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