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What’s this unexpected $130.31 charge from Amazon Prime ($119+tax)

Don’t panic! You probably signed up for Prime at a $59 a year rate and have not noticed it went to $119. If you’ve got a charge for roughly $130.31 from Amazon Prime showing on your credit card’s pending statement, that’s probably your annual Prime renewal. I know when it came through as pending on my credit card account it had zero information until it posted several days later, so yeah.

That was my Christmas – trying to figure out if I’d been the victim of credit card theft.

Made me suspicious because all my other Amazon charges display as either or AMAZON.COM, but never Amazon Prime… well, maybe not never but it wasn’t something I expected.

But you know, don’t take a random baby IT site for a valid answer on a credit card charge, you can go to and chat with the customer service / chatbot. Most likely you’ll never have to talk to a human.

Now when I originally used the chatbot a month back it popped up after I typed in “unexpected charge” something to the effect that I’d been charged recently for Prime renewal and given that number and was that what I was asking about.

While writing this article however, I’m evidently far enough out from the Prime renewal charge that it’s not listing… womp womp… no good screen shot for you.


Paul King

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