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Govee LED strip lights, an unexpected delight

Yesterday a large box showed up at my house containing a bunch of Govee stuff that I generally would not have requested for review – dual LED Remote and Bluetooth controllable audio-enabled strip LED lights being one of the things that showed. Lemme tell you how much fun my family had with these things.

First off, I’m not going to claim this is much of a review or that I’m much of a decorator, but once the kids saw that you could sing and the lights reacted that was it, these were going on our front windows. Unfortunately they’re indoor only, designed to face outward from where they’re placed, so some scotch tape was implemented. Not their fault, I needed glass-facing LEDs for the project in mind.

So pictured here is scotch tape and 10 minutes of work.

Govee LED lights

They’ve got a ton of presets you can also choose to cycle through, however my kids wanted to sing most of the time and have them react, so take this as a warning.

You can control the lights via an IR remote control, or via the Govee app… which I kind of dislike but it does have a lot more easy to find options.

I can’t find any that have this as the remote style

Eh, anyway, you’re looking for some inexpensive LED lighting that can be controlled via bluetooth or IR, here you go

I can’t find exactly which one they sent me, but it appears they also had some versions that worked via WIFi so you could integrate with Google Home / Alexa. Mine had an IR remote, two spools connected at the base, and only works with IR & Bluetooth unless I missed something.

So yeah, unexpected LED amusement. I’m far more delighted by these than their TV backlight we reviewed a while back. I mean it was cool and all, but it was no lighting up to your child singing cool.

Also yes, please send me random unexpected blinky things because evidently they’re a hit at my house.

Paul King

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