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Doing good in the neighborhood

Took the kiddos out for some neighborhood service yesterday, and just to get a walk in. Getting the 7 & 5 year old to do anything is a chore, but as long as there was a wagon and they were getting a ride it seemed pretty good.

Trash pickup

We got out for a walk and hit about eight streets doing a block or two each just wandering, nearly being run over by traffic because lord forbid there be anywhere to walk in South Nashville that doesn’t put you on a slightly too small road with oversized pickup trucks coming from both directions constantly.

My 5yo asked why people kept littering our neighborhood and seemed very sad. While some of it was obviously jerks chucking cigarette butts I pointed out that the vast majority was one or two things that blew out of the trashcans because nobody bags their trash. This made her less sad. I hope it’s the truth. The way Nashville’s trash cans are designed and that recycling and trash days always seem to be the windiest / rainy / junkiest days seem to combine to form Trash Voltron.

Trash pickup
About half a can of trash

At one point my 5yo decided to attempt to recruit some walkers into picking up trash by saying if they weren’t helping they were living in their own filth. Which was sure an interesting way to attempt to recruit some random walkers… might have been a little more effective had it been nuanced and her not annoyed with the world for being trashy.

They both got annoyed near the end when there was no room for both of them on the wagon.

Paul King

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