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Geomag Mechanics 86-piece magnetic motion review

Geomag Mechanics 86-piece magnetic motion

The Geomag Mechanics 86-piece Magnetic Motion playset is an interesting twist on the Green Line magnetic set we played with a couple of weeks ago (and have been playing with every couple of days at this point.)

This particular version of the toy (which works with the other versions without any issues,) is more aimed at motion than stationary building, although my kids just ended up building towers generally.

You can make some interesting kinetic moving sculptures, or as my kids have constantly done antennas that fall over onto dolls who are then crushed and need an ambulance.

I can see from a STEM/STEAM perspective that these will be cool in the long term, but at 5 & 7 my kids are currently more into the drama of collapsing architecture rather than making cool magnetically enhanced moving structures. Nope, it’s crash down on a doll, hospital time with Geomag Mechanics splints and crutches.

I could wax poetic on what little engineer me would have done 40 or so years ago combining this with my Erector sets to make moving abominations that would inspire fear in my ragtag army of black-magic-markered Stormtroopers, but this was not then, and my mechanical beasts of war are not going to happen.

Geomag Mechanics 86-piece magnetic motion

It’s a pretty cool play set, even if your kids’ imagination seems to hyper focus on the ACME anvil falling on the Coyote side rather than working at building a floating thing. They basically turned it into a running Hindenburg disaster and loved it. Kids.

So yeah, cool, my kids love it for all the wrong reasons, seems pretty quality built and the magnetic parts do not appear to be the balls (which would be a major hazard.) Box differs a tad from what we received. Plenty of parts to play with.

You can grab the Geomag Mechanics 86-piece magnetic motion set from Amazon.

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