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Born 7 days after an arbitrary date, the 19th of 18 parts.

When last we left the tale of my youngest who was born 7 days after the arbitrary MNPS school cutoff date I’d been assured everything was done. This had taken two Briggance tests, multiple visits, having to explain that I’d done everything multiple times to multiple people, having to get a board to approve her.

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When I last left it I’d been assured I was done. She was in. There was nothing left to do. I had the people at the registration site assure me that the next thing I was going to do was to show up at the school to find out what the teacher’s name was.

Yeah, no.

About a week ago we discovered Aerin was not on the class roster, and not in the school. On the website it said she’d accepted placement at her sister’s school, but nobody at the school had it. I shot off an email to the family info center and was told that we had not registered for kindergarten. Color me shocked.

I was told at this point that the form I had filled out and had a copy of with me had only been used for pre-registration which allowed her to get a student ID, and I had not in fact filled out the exact same form to actually register her for classes. I’d filled this out three times at this point.

I stress, I have very simple words that stated I was done.

So I called up the registration people, they looked her up, and told me that there’s a note and she’s got a number but the immunization record needed updated and she needed to be put into the system. I make an appointment for later in the day because you’ve got to make an appointment in covid times, call the doctor’s office to get shot records, and am told that’s going to require more than 24 hours.

OK, I call back cancel the appointment with someone else, book another one for two days later in the morning… nobody informed the person I’d cancelled the appointment so I got a call later… oh well…

Next day at 4 the shot records have still not happened. I call in and they tell me they mailed them. Uh, I’ve got an appointment at 9am and my kid’s risking losing a space and a remote laptop. They call me at 4:40 and say they’ve made new ones and I ran at full speed to get ’em before 5.

About a week and a half later those mysteriously mailed shot records still not here… hrmm.

I made it to the appointment, shot records (signed), birth certificate, and a mountain of paperwork from the two Brigance tests to all the times I’ve filled out the application paperwork, printouts of a confirmation number, yadda yadda yadda. Enough stuff to show I was supposed to be done.

Get there, fill it out again because the form is slightly different. They take the shot records, copy birth certificate, I go through how many steps it’s taken and as the person is getting ready to put the scans in she tells me to come and look at something on her monitor.

I’m told it’s done. It’s already done. The record is at the school. The child is enrolled. The birth certificate is in the system. The shot records are in the system but unsigned. All of this was done. All the notes were in the notes. The only thing that might have needed done was the shot record they had was through TN DOH and they needed a signed version.

The person I was talking to said there was no reason I should have had to do anything more than get a signed shot record into their system. It was done. The school had the record. She was enrolled. People at the registration center don’t why they didn’t see it at the school, why the info center said she wasn’t registered, when the long notes section was actually filled out, but none of that needed to happen.

So finally, with all that done… August 4th she will … not go to school because they’re completely virtual due to the virus for at least a month. Yay… kindergartener at home with a laptop… this will be fun.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.