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Some good Covid-19 news – you can probably pet that stranger’s dog now

Back when this all started you probably read about the two dogs who were shown to have been infected with Covid-19. One died shortly after testing and for reasons still unknown the owner refused to allow an autopsy.

The other dog was found to have just been essentially acting as a surface upon which the virus was laying but not infected. Later on we heard some about certain large cats (tiger levels, not house pet,) contracting it.

The advise was don’t pet other people’s pets, and don’t hang out with tigers which was pretty easy to do. Animals, other than tigers, did not seem to be carriers but we didn’t know the level of transmissability of the virus.

The CDC is now saying that it may be possible to have surface transmission of Covid-19, however it’s unlikely. This means your kiddos shouldn’t have much to fear petting dogs out in a park as long as they practice social distancing.

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Paul King

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