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myFirst Headphones BC Wireless review

myFirst has a line of tech for kids designed to be able to handle the light bear-style mauling your kids might dish out. We got the headphones and a camera to play with and since my children are now my coworkers, I consider this an office sanity product so I don’t have to listen to Pink Fluffy Unicorns any more.

Being as they’re bone conduction it also allows us to just talk to whichever kid is using them as opposed to having to scream “take off your headphones!” It also seems to keep the response volume pretty reasonable.

The kids love it, however truth be told that’s not a review I’d particularly trust other than that they fit well and are evidently “so fashion…” so I popped these on my oversized noggin which lets me hear them.

Unfortunately with a melon sized melon I don’t think the bone conduction parts are in quite the right location, but it’s surprising and reminds me a bit of the AfterShokz I reviewed in 2017.

Main difference, and this is probably entirely because an adult head should not be in these, is that the myFirst Headphones tend to feel more loose bassy. I have been unable to get my children to understand excess bass in headphones and give me an honest opinion so not really sure on these.

Being able to hear someone talking to me without taking out earbuds or off headphones is also kind of cool.

All I can honestly say since they don’t fit and aren’t designed for a head as large as mine is they seem to be at least decent.

Both of my kids have spent time fighting to play with them, or alternately a cat/pig headset we’ve got for some reason. Overall, they seem to work well and we didn’t experience any issues.

Paul complains about everything

The one thing I straight up despise in products is a new USB cable to keep up with, and unfortunately the myFirst Headphones have a unique little magnetic charging cable.

I mean, it’s a cool idea – it snaps on, your kid can’t yank it out. Do not get me wrong I like it. But it’s a cable you’re sort of locked into the myFirst store for. I don’t even see it as a purchase option on there.

You’re going to lose it eventually, your kid’s pet rabbit will have a midnight snack, and then you’ve got to figure out how to replace it. I mean, bravo on them for the idea to go magnetic but put a link up to purchase more and a secondary USB-C charging port in.

The price, I don’t know. I’ve discovered I’m a little out of the loop on bone conduction pricing evidently, and kid sizes are their own special pricing so maybe it’s right but feels on the higher side of right.


  • 5 hour playtime, 2 hour charging, 20 day standby
  • IPX6
  • Freq 20-20kHz
  • Mic sensitivity -38dB
  • Weight 26g
  • Range 15 meters

You can purchase these at

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