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TN PBS doing classroom exercises during the ‘Rona

Today marked the first semi formal education my 1st grader has had in a while. We’ve been doing ABCMouse and generally just trying to point her at something that interests her and get her to ask questions, but today was a teacher online going through essentially a meeting.

The teacher in the first half hour of lessons went over the Aesop fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and did a pretty ok job for a person in a mini video window stuck in the bottom right hand behind the PBS logo, but the whole thing was just visually offputting.

The teacher fighting to have her face go around the PBS logo was one issue, that the main image never changed was another. That the teacher, who was moving and animated, took up less than a 15th of the screen space that the static picture of a page did… oh well… first one, it worked.

The second teacher was 1st grade math. Lesson one my kiddo taught to me a few weeks ago oddly. Making a counting grid.

Overall, education continues, if only a couple of days a week.

Her actual teacher is going to attempt a Zoom conference later in the week, which considering how abysmally bad my 6yo is on video chat I can’t imagine that time 12-15.

We shall see.

Work continues. I’m 99% remote with a 1% drop in and unplug a device in an empty building (such as now, at noon, I think there’s someone two floors away.) I treat every surface as though it’s acid, we have washing stations at the building at every floor. There’s nobody here at the same time.

It’s like a very weird memory of my homeschooling childhood.

Paul King

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