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How to fix a VPN static route in Covid19 times

My VPN failed. It’s connected but the routes aren’t working and the simple solution is to delete and add the routes manually – the correct fix is going to involve wiping work’s main router and re-configuring from scratch, but with the entire office working remotely that’s not something I can do.

Step 1: identify the problem

The problem was that even though the route exists as persistent in the routing table on Windows 10 it does not work.

Step 2: get called away by oldest child to administer ear medication

Oh yup, you need it right now? OK I’ll put this on hold as I don’t need the VPN up right now. No, it’s not like people think parents are doing anything anyway.

Step 3: Negotiate a truce

The needing the medication right now you’ll discover was a ruse for her to keep on a princess dress that barely fits that she promised to your youngest after she was done with it but now because medicine is going to be involved she knows she can hang out in it and be parentally protected from having to change because she’s got to be on her side.

Step 4: shots fired, force a clothing change

Everyone in the family must now change to non princess outfits. The monarchy is done. Long live the democratic republic of Quietdownistan!

Step 5: administer medication again

While you never got to putting the medication in the first time, at 9 minutes into the VPN failure you’re finally ready to get things working. Ear drops in and back up as your 7yo is laying on the couch.

Step 6: delete the old route that’s not showing

This is accomplished by route /delete and the network address… in this case it’s a … holy hell stereo system is at 100% skip that go down and turn it down. Was cranked by kid who has one ear filled with medication and one ear on a pillow.

Find your wife holding finger over microphone on Zoom conference, crank volume knob all the way down.

Walk back up and type in route /delete and press enter.

Step 7: add route again

For this we simply… what is that screaming? Fuuuuuuuuu run down the stairs to find 4yo in complete tears over… what… nothing’s broken and nobody’s around her and there’s sobbing.

Hug 4yo, ask if anything is wrong, be told no. Ask why she was sobbing and be told it was because she was sad. Ask why and be told it’s because she was crying. Ask why and be told it’s because she was sobbing. Realize this isn’t going to get you the answers, quick hug and head back upstairs to your work computer while passing your spouse working remotely and hearing how Karen is still on mute.

route add -p mask metric 1


Using this simple two commands you’ve now taken a malfunctioning VPN and forced a route onto it to route traffic for the space when it’s not broadcasting routes properly.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.