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Socially distant stuffed animals

This is from a a real conversation. I cut it down slightly because my memory sucks.

In our 4yo’s room we have a teddy net. It sits in the corner and a lot of her stuffed army sits in it. Recently she got a bunk bed that sits in the same corner and literally was sobbing because now at the right height she saw so many stuffed friends she’d forgotten emotions overwhelmed her.

She now totally sleeps in a sea of stuffed animals, except for the little area she inhabits. Literally took 7 minutes to move all of these off and on the bed that needed to be cleaned today.

So all the stuffed friends were a 3 foot pile on the bottom bunk (unused,) and I indiscriminately placed them back to the top of the thing. She’s worried that I forgot a Peppa Pig stuffed animal. This one I know for sure I didn’t.

Me “She’s there”

4yo “these are not in the right places”

Mom “You need to put up some of your friends. We need to put some of your friends at social distance”

4yo “but I want to see my friends”

me “while you’ll be socially distant you can still see your friends on the net.”


and scene…

That’s one of those quarantine jokes that the 4yo actually got.

Paul King

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