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Looking for something to do with your child on this virus-extended break?

We’re having a pandemic, and joining the world in a couple of months worth of social isolation you might be wondering how are your kids going to learn. I mean, you might be wondering that anyway due to the state of the educational system, but yeah.

For the next couple of months the world is moving online in order to attempt to flatten the curve of the virus and make it so that hospitals can keep up. Hospitals are taking over college campuses, hotels, and anywhere they can conceivably place people to make sure they’re ready. And of course, Toilet Paper is now a hot commodity even though there’s no conceivable shortage of it.

And schools are out.

If you’re part of the digital generation and have the money for a computer, tablet, phone, and an internet connection, most online educational software and school communication software is free for the good versions until schools are back in .

This includes big names like Age of Learning, ABCMouse, Adventure Academy, Reading IQ, ListenWire, Seterra Geography, Google and Microsoft’s educational suites, and many many others. Here’s a list, in Google Documents format compiled by Amazing Education Resources Facebook group.

So if you’re a parent who’s having to relax screen time because current guidance, and you want them to do something free, fun, and educational. Everythnig’s free at the moment.

So yeah, if you’ve ever wondered what paying for these well advertised services might get you, you’ve got a while to test it out.

And in the meantime, please stop hoarding toilet paper.

[Amazing Educational Resources via Kim Y]

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