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Dyslexic reading lamp available on loan during COVID-19 outbreak

Cut and paste press release, I have no idea about the effectiveness or value of this product:

The lamp that helps people with dyslexia read normally is available on loan during the entire COVID-19 outbreak

Lexilight, the first lamp that aims to bring relief to 700 million dyslexics worldwide, helps children study at home and enables adults to retrieve the pleasure of long reading

Paris, March 23, 2020 – During the entire containment period, Lexilight, the first lamp that helps dyslexic people read normally, is available on loan to help families during the coming weeks of homeschooling. Lexilife wants to give every dyslexic person, an improved reading experience, allowing them to take pleasure in reading on any screen or printed literature (books, ereaders, tablets and smartphones). Lexilife also offers personalized support for a simple and immediate use. The lamp can be returned for free should the person decide not to keep it, in which case their deposit is entirely reimbursed. Further to this, Lexilife will offer fun online exercises to help children develop their reading and writing skills.

Loyal to its societal engagement, Lexilife is committed to helping parents and by offering them support in ensuring the continuance of the children’s studies during the confinement period. 

Around 10% of people – i.e. 6.3 million people in the UK and 700 million people worldwide – struggle with dyslexia. There are 870,000 school children per age group in the UK who are going to be without the extra support and the use of the Lexilight aims to take pressure off parents and give children autonomy over their reading, helping them to build their confidence. According to recent research by the Royal Society, when dyslexics read, a mirror image appears over the text, creating confusion and adding significant complexity to the reading. Lexilight, bringing together more than 20 years of R&D,  is the first device which fixes this problem.

For Jean-Baptiste Fontes, CEO and founder of Lexilife, “During this difficult period that affects us all, solidarity is of the utmost importance. Dyslexia never ceases, even during confinement. This is why, at Lexilife, we wish to join the momentum by lending to parents of dyslexic children Lexilight lamps during the entire period of confinement. Through this, we wish to make their everyday lives easier and contribute to making their dyslexics children’s studies more enjoyable, even from home”.

A non-binding loan of the Lexilight 1.0 lamp during confinement

Lexilife loans a lamp to help parents homeschool their dyslexic children during the entire confinement period. The Lexilife teams will also provide personalized support by phone to all those who have received the lamp to help them set the lamp and use it immediately. If the lamp does not suit them, the deposit is entirely reimbursed and the return fees are taken into charge at the end of the confinement.

To loan a Lexilight 1.0 lamp, please click here.

Daily support

Lexilife will also give parents other means of taking care of their young ones through coloring pages to print, fun exercises and other activities. In the meantime, Lexilife provides them with Lexikits which offer valuable insights on dyslexia, its causes and how to understand what the child feels.

These special moments can also be opportunities to help the child to better understand where their difficulties come from. Therefore, a second set of Lexikits are designed specifically for dyslexic children and include animations which children can read as well as listen simultaneously.

To download the Lexikit for dyslexic children’s loved one, please click here

To download the Lexikit for dyslexic children, please click here

An innovation born from 20 years of R&D

A non-dyslexic person has one dominant eye sending key information essential to good reading skills to the brain. A dyslexic person, on the other hand, has two dominant eyes that send two different streams of information to the brain simultaneously. This confusion is behind the two opposing visuals, creating mirror images and disturbing the reading process. It is what Lexilight corrects by allowing the brain to process information as if it came from the single dominant eye.

How it works

Lexilight emits pulsed and modulated light thanks to LED diodes. The light waves emitted by the lamp’s LEDs can be configured and tailored to the vision of the user. The lamp can adjust to several LED parameters, including their refresh rate, so that one eye can take precedence over the other to reduce the mirroring effect. Two easy-to-use controls allow users to match the lamp to their personal vision profile by making fine adjustments to light wave pulse and modulation.

Lexilight has been tested with more than 300 people and enabled 90% of them to read correctly, relieving their dyslexia and giving them back the pleasure of reading. Lexilife is now conducting clinical trials alongside healthcare experts with medical device certification in the pipeline.

100% Made in France

The Lexilight lamp is manufactured in Brittany by L’atelier du courrier, an ESUS (Solidarity-Based Enterprise of Social Utility) company in which 98% of employees are themselves disabled. Lexilife currently has 200 pioneering clients and works with a panel of health care professionals which includes speech therapists, orthoptists and occupational therapists.

A support community to assist dyslexic people and provide them with a shared forum.

Lexilife partners with a number of dyslexic support organisations to raise awareness of dyslexia and gradually releases its lamp worldwide. Our mission is to ensure that as many people as possible are able to try this life-changing technology. 

For more information, please visit:


Lexilight is available at €549 and comes with a free 1-month trial. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Since reading is possible everywhere, the lamp is light and comes with a robust case for easy transport. 

To loan a Lexilight 1.0 lamp, please click here.

About Lexilife

Founded in 2018 by Jean-Baptiste Fontes and developed as a start-up within the Thomas Watt Lighting Pro company, Lexilife has created the first reading aid lamp for the 10% of the population who suffer from dyslexia equating to seven million people in France, and 700 million worldwide. Developed out of 20 years of research, the effectiveness of the Lexilight lamp is scientifically proven. In line with social responsibility, Lexilight also launches and leads a collaborative R&D program using gathering personal experiences from people affected by dyslexia and the results of scientific research as part of continuously improving the product. Lexilight is manufactured in Brittany by L’atelier du courrier, where 98% of employees are themselves disabled. Lexilife currently has 200 pioneering customers and works with a panel of health experts, including speech therapists, orthoptists and occupational therapists.

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