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A story of love in this technological apocalypse age.

My four year old doesn’t generally get to sleep when we put her to bed. Her mind runs for usually an hour or two before she finally stops inventing stories, singing, and otherwise not sleeping.

I can’t blame her really, that was my life for most of my life. Until I was 45 I guess I didn’t manage to quiet my mind and my legs. She’s waking up on time, doing ok, maybe, I think, she doesn’t need quite as much sleep. Maybe I’m wrong.

She historically has played games when she’s going to bed. From the “don’t care that I went potty right before going to bed it’s pooping time now!” to “oh, this water is no longer fresh and even though I’m probably not going to drink it perhaps you shall fill it for me now servant!”

Last night was a little different. She got up tired, hit the bathroom, asked me to put her back in bed which is fairly standard. I tucked her in, told her I loved her and to sleep well. Her eyes lit up and opened wide and she breathlessly said “Daddy! Do you want to hear me say I love you?”

I thought this was quite adorable, I said “I just heard it baby.” She retorted “No Daddy! Do you want to hear me say I love you?” and I told her she had just said it and I knew it.

“No daddy! Do you want to hear me say I love you?”

I decided yes was probably the answer to end the inquisition, and told her so.

She took a deep breath, looked at me, looked to her right and said “Hey Google, I love you.”

The Google Home that plays her bedtime music said “Awwww, how sweet. I must be really useful for you to say that” as I was feeling somewhat dissed and trying not to laugh at the same time.

I took my leave.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.