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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures finally drops for Android

Barbie Dreamhouse AdventureNetflix’s Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures now has a game to go along with it allowing your kiddos to hang out in their own dream house and do a variety of activities that don’t involve dropping little Barbie shoes where you walk barefoot.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures was released last month on Apple, but the Android version just dropped along with the second season of the Netflix series.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure

While generally garnering positive reviews, the running complaints on the iOS version were out of control advertising. Pay to play seems to be a complaint on both platforms although if you consider it as a trial, you could just say the game is a $19.99 game. Not everything on mobile devices is free. Seriously, it’s a $20 game, you’ll probably be happy.

The price breakdown for individual Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures add-ons currently is:

  • $4.99 for the Puppies Pack
  • $4.99 for Ken’s Pool Party
  • $4.99 for Nikki’s Fashion Photobooth
  • $4.99 Daisey’s Dance Party
  • $4.99 Skipper’s Rock Band
  • $1.99 for Teresa playable character
  • $1.99 for Renee playable character
  • $1.99 for Barbie Decorator’s Box
  • $1.99 for Barbie Painter’s box

Or there’s the VIP package that unlocks everything for $19.99 which is a savings over buying individually of… math math math math…. math is hard: about $13

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure

I haven’t spent a lot of time playing this as I’ve been otherwise busy not playing with Barbie as much as possible (you have no idea how much a 3yo values playing Barbie with her,) so I can’t comment much on the game as of yet.

I’ll see if I can force the children to look at an iPad tonight and play with Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures some.

Download: Android | iOS

Description lifted from the download page:

Create your very own Barbie Dreamhouse experience! You can design every room. Meet my BFFs and puppies! Join us for a bunch of fun activities: baking, dancing or epic pool parties! Plus, dress me and my friends up in fashion-forward looks to get picture ready! Follow us on exciting adventures in the Dreamhouse where anything is possible!

Help me design every room with wonderful wallpapers and dazzling decorations. Make it your own Dreamhouse! Ready, set, style! 

Meet my best friends: Renee, a sports fanatic; Daisy, a talented DJ; Teresa, a science-lover; Nikki, an aspiring fashion designer and the one-and-only Ken. Plus, my super-smart sister Skipper who is into everything tech! 

I just got this new dress and I’m so excited to wear it at tonight’s party. I need your fabulous fashion tips to pick the perfect look!

Get your funny poses ready in the photobooth with Nikki and Teresa!

Wait, what?! Ken is hosting one of his legendary pool parties! Let’s change into summer attire to make a splash entrance! 

I love cooking! Why don’t you join me in my awesome kitchen? 

Grab your favorite instrument to rock out in our band! Even the puppies can sing! 

Did someone say dance-off? Time to show our best moves on the dancefloor with Daisy! 

We’ve got this awesome idea: why not turn stairs into a slide? Just push the button to slide your way down in the ball pit!

Hours of fun guaranteed with our puppies! Need I say more?

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