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Happy BirthdayPast few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready for kindergarten, a 3yo’s birthday party, and attempting to get my health in some sort of situation where I’m not exhausted all the time and a crabby parent.

The last bit seems to have been mitigated with a drug that’s used to treat parkinson’s sufferers. My right leg no longer runs a marathon in my sleep. I saw some studies where people claimed their leg moved 300 times in a night and I was like “is that all?”

Aerin turned three today. We had her party on Sunday and had roughly half of the RSVPs fail to show (13 or so people). However, learning from history we aimed low on food and only got what we would eat. Cake was the only overly-large thing and I think we’re close to finishing that one off.

Aerin got a lot of Peppa Pig stuff, splashed around, adults had about seven of the sixty beverages, which leaves us some work to do.

I’ve got a bizarre set of PR people contacting me for knives, cheese makers, and such for theITbaby and am like – uh… that’s like totally what we do… kids and tech, let’s give them knives.

Solar powered cheese maker maybe…

Paul King

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