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Sound machine keeps sound sleep happening

Avantek Sleep Sounds machine

Maggie used to wake up on the order of about three nights a week and decide to come up to try and sleep with us. This doesn’t work as I simply cannot sleep with her in the bed. Like sleeping next to a fire that occasionally kicks you.

TL;DR – kind of maybe trying to sell you something, but this is parenting advice you might want to consider regardless of whether you give me a commission.

Usually the case as far as I can tell was she heard something that woke her, and being in a neighborhood with trains, planes, and automobiles passing through 24/7 there’s not too much we can do about the occasional muffler-dragger.

A couple of months back we discovered Maggie would sleep better if we asked the Google Home near her to play the sounds of the ocean. I figured since I pretty much have to have a fan or window unit running at all times to sleep in my hood, she probably needed it too.

I got an Avantek White Noise sleep sound machine, which had a better selection of sleep sounds we could find than Google Home did (I realize the instant I push publish this will change,) and she gets to go to sleep to the sound of rain, a fan, or whatever she wants that night. There seems to be pink and brown noise options in there, but they’re not listed as such.

Google Home plays white noise for when requested to play pink and brown. Maybe it’s changed, but it was pretty hissy levels.

It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s working pretty well to mask the nighttime neighborhood ruckus that’s been aiding in waking her up. It’s also significantly less expensive than to run a fan or AC constantly.

Overall, not sure if we’re dealing with my kiddo just growing up and sleeping better or what but the nights have gotten much less wake-uppy.

Here’s my review over on Pocketables.

Oh yeah there’s an Amazon coupon: UHSASFPW

3.5 / 5 stars     

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