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I’d been doing my kid washing the hard way

Shower Head
Get this or something similar, kid bathing significantly better.

I’m sad that it took five years to figure this out, but we’ve been bathing the hard way. Letting our 3yo and 5yo play in the tub, pouring water over their head with a bendy cup thing that helped channel the water down the back of their head and out of their eyes but never really worked that well.

Yeah, for any kiddos however you’re going to want to grab a movable shower head. Seriously, these are great. Just make sure the hose is long enough to reach near sitting kid height. Link goes to the one we got. You can remove the tracking code info if you want to skip potential commission.

You can use one hand on the forehead and one hand holding the shower head and hose them down without getting shampoo in their faces.

Stinky ass? Hose it down. Muddy child? Hose it down.

My kids both hate showers but are completely fine if the shower head is down at their level. I have no idea what that’s about (maybe water hits harder at 5 more feet?) but they are fine with any washings from the detachable hose.

And it’s like a $19 shower upgrade you can do in about 10 minutes (should have been considerably less but my old shower head had decided to protest its removal).

Seriously though, this has been the best old bathtub upgrade.

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