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Back to school, and what a difference the school makes

School from PixabayDifferent school, different year and damn, this place seems to have it right. I called and they confirmed M was ready, other than shot records, I got them faxed over, we had a before school meet and greet and were notified by email, phone call, and Facebook website. We went to said before school meet and greet and other than a couple of minor issues it was fine.

Day one of school the only hitch we had was we got turned around once going to her classroom carrying 80 pounds of supplies (pro-tip: take the stroller, use it as a buggy.) Meet and greet also on first day, met people, talked to the principal, everything smooth.

Pickup I ended up at the wrong door and had to walk 36 seconds to the right door.  Day done.

Contrast that to the montessori school she went to. Several weeks and multiple attempts to find out if she was even registered. Person in charge of the office disappearing. Ran into the principal once who promised she’d get me the info on whether my kid was actually enrolled correctly. They didn’t have our info so they didn’t send out an invite to meet the teacher. First day of class the school had lost all paperwork but the teacher had her name on the roster, day two we were informed they lost all of her paperwork and that happened a good three more times.

Katie Kaboom sort of made an appearance the first and second day of kindergarten, but it was relatively minor comparatively. It did however put us on edge that it’s not entirely gone yet, better with age, but still there and probably triggered by stress of first day, or just not getting a nap. Not entirely sure.

Katie Kaboom was missing in action for all but one day of Mag’s summer camp run and it’s depressing to think of it coming back full strength now that my ears have recovered.

Paul King

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