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Meet CHOETECH’s Panda Qi charger – awww

Qi wireless chargers have traditionally been pretty bleh and utilitarian black and white sort of things, which is strange because if any group out there needs a wireless charger it’s kids. Let me tell you about my Amazon Fire Kid’s MicroUSB charging port, it’s terrible now.

As a note, I realize the Panda charger is entirely black and features no color.

Traditionally wireless chargers have been large, bleh, utilitarian. They’ve looked sleek, but never like a motherfucking panda looking to bear hug your heart. So yeah, they’re cute now. Damn cute.

If you want to attempt to retrofit a Fire Kids Edition Tablet you can find $7 Qi to MicroUSB adapters on Amazon. This is something I’m about to do because that charging port isn’t going to stand up to a 5yo and 2yo much longer.

The following is from my review over on Pocketables:

CHOETECH Qi Wireless Panda ChargerSo the first thing you think of when you’re thinking Qi wireless chargers is probably not “Squeeee,” it’s probably more along the lines of “is this a fast charger, what particular shade of black is that, do I really want to wait an average of 30% longer to charge rather than plug it in?”

The quick and dirty: 7.5W or 10W depending on what you’ve got it plugged into. Ships with a cable but not a charger. Has a panda on it. Panda looks at you really wanting you to charge your phone. Small green light on front tells you it’s charging.

I have used it, specs are correct, the only thing I’d mention as a note is that this is the first wireless charger I’ve ever had in which I couldn’t tell it was plugged in properly in the back. It may have just been the one they shipped me but it wasn’t working, everything seemed fine (I literally have four power adapters to test it with and none worked,) and then I discovered the cable had to be pushed in a little further.

CHOETECH Qi Wireless Panda Charger

Will it work better than any other 7.5/10W charger? Not particularly. Does it give you the ability to tell your guests “just sit your phone on the panda’s face and it’ll use its panda powers to charge your dying phone?” Yes. Will it inspire a paint project with some white-out to make it more properly conform to PandaSpec? Maybe.

As with most charging pads, you’re going to have to get a power adapter that will make it function to the top of the specs, so be aware that plugging this into a 1W cheapo USB outlet is going to get you nothing in the way of charging.

The CHOETECH 7.5/10W Wireless Charging Panda pad is available from Amazon or CHOETECH


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