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Find your loved ones in a crowd with LynQ

LynQLynQ is a smart tracker that doesn’t require Bluetooth, cell phone connectivity, or a data plan. It has a range of up to three miles and will point you in the direction of whatever paired tracker you want.

I’m doing rare not-in-hand coverage here (really, you have no idea how rare me posting excitedly about something that isn’t out is).

Three days of battery life make it suited for camping, and up to 12 trackers able to pair with each other mean most families can keep tabs on everyone at the same time.

Locations for meetups, geofencing for safe zones, and the ability to navigate through crowds make this ideal for keeping up with little ones while allowing them to move more than two steps away from you.

All from a little device with a built-in-carabiner that can clip to your pants.

I don’t have a pair of these in my hand but I’ll be reviewing as soon as I can.

Here’s a press release, here’s a testing overview.

You can find more information on the campaign and product at

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