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Running with the big kids

Aerin's bootyI guess the theme of this week is running with the big kids. It all started at the Nashville Zoo Eggstravaganza.

I had planned to get there 30-40 minutes early and was tricked because there was no traffic except a couple of cars turning into the parking lot. I’d normally go to the rear parking area because that usually pans out but no, stupid me, went through the front and 40 minutes later we’ve missed the 4/5yo Easter Egg Hunt as we’re funneled to the rear of the overflow lots.

So Maggie the 4yo got to hang with the 6-8 year olds and did fine. Baby also decided to grab some eggs near us, which was kind of terrifying but all the action was in the center of the field so there weren’t a lot of worries. Nobody so much as bumped anyone, it was a little less chaotic than expected.

We’d done that because after 40 minutes in the car for a one mile drive they weren’t going to handle a two hour wait. Just wasn’t in the cards.

Cut to spring break Monday. Maggie’s in a class that requires you to be five and up. Maggie turns five in a week. After plenty of attempts to clear this with a human we gave up and told Maggie to just claim she’s five for the next few days of Spring Break.

She’s one of three kids there doing that.


Paul King

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