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Been an interesting few weeks

Past few weeks have been interesting in terms of 4yo deciding to be a complete punk and exhibit all the symptoms of ODD. Took a bit off of the site to try and figure out what was going on, read some truly horrible parenting books, and otherwise determined that people are just insane when it comes to the advice they give.

I have nothing witty to say any more. I’ve hopefully got a solution for the 4yo in place that will help her control her temper without feeling like it’s got to be controlled or she loses everything.

Interesting days.

Also most parenting advice I’ve spotted the past three weeks is completely situational crap that you can read or not read your kid’s frame of mind into.

Just so you know.

Ooh, read one book that teaches you various ways to hit or hurt your kid. That one was fun.

Day 4, no meltdowns.

Paul King

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