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The iClever 20,000mAh car jump starter/power bank will get you started when the battery’s dead

iClever IC-JD31 20,000mAh Car Jump Starter and Power BankThe iClever IC-JD31 20,000mAh Jump Starter and Power Bank has an impressive set of features, and probably should not be considered exclusively automotive product (with device charger thrown in.)

First off we’ll get the car jump starter stuff out of the way, car dead? This’ll jump start it up to 800 amp (half a second,) with a 3-second sustained 400 amp crank.

They say this is for up to 6.5L diesel, or 8L gas, and will turn over about 40 times on one charge. If you can’t get it started in 1/5th that amount I don’t think your vehicle is going to start. Doesn’t trickle charge the battery, this thing starts your car and then maybe your alternator can charge your battery back up.

You can connect the wiring then connect the battery, no chance of sparks. It’ll tell you if it’s on backwards.

Here’s where I’m impressed

iClever IC-JD31 20,000mAh Car Jump Starter and Power Bank20,000mAh power capacity. It’s a decent amount. It’ll last most phones about a week worth of usage depending. It can charge a Macbook from zero to full about 1.2 times.

One USB-C (input or output,) at up to 30 Watt either direction. You can fast charge the IC-JD31 or use it to fast charge your devices. It appears the wall adapter that ships with the IC-JD31 is only a 15 Watt one however, so you’ll need a higher capacity charger if you want to fast charge the battery, but you can use the battery to fast charge anything capable of 30 Watt.

iClever IC-JD31 20,000mAh Car Jump Starter and Power Bank

Two standard USB ports with both with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities maxing out at 3A,2A,1.5A on 3.6-6.5v,6.5v-9v,9v-12v.

One plug-in standard 12v car adapter to power cigarette lighter adapter devices such as an air pump, or another phone charger. It’ll do up to 10 amps 12 volts.

Even though the wall adapter is only 15 Watt, it has a USB C and A adapter so you can charge more than just a jump starter.

The case is nice, actually a little overkill for what it needs to hold, so you can jam in a tire patch kit without any issues if you want, perhaps a tiny air pump to round things out, although I’m not sure what sort of free space we’re talking.

Unboxing video attempt #1

Something to scare people into buying

It was a dark and stormy night. Jill was taking her two young children from their first play in a pouring rainstorm.

She got to her car and buckled the kids in in the rain, got in and realized to her horror that the car… well, honestly it started, but it was going to take a little longer to get home and the kid’s iPads were OUT OF POWER… duh duh duh

Make up your own disaster scenario. I use portable jump starters all the time. For me these things are incredibly useful mostly as something that’ll charge up my phone (take more pictures of the kids,) but I also use them to jump start people’s vehicles at least five times a year. That said, if you’re not comfortable jump starting a car, don’t. Just call for help.

Is this an endorsement/full review of the IC-JD31?

iClever IC-JD31 20,000mAh Car Jump Starter and Power BankNo, unfortunately with it raining sideways, events, life in general all I’ve managed to test out is that it’s a huge power brick that charges fast, charges everything I can throw at it at full speed, and that’s where it will remain until I get a dead car battery in front of me. My Pocketables Millions don’t allow me to keep a dead car to test and I really don’t like jump starting things in the rain in the best of times.

At the point I get to use it as a jump starter, I’ll consider it a proper review. Right now this is Paul saying “oooh, look at this thing… it’s potentially great!”. You can also get it replaced within 18 months, and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee in case it’s not working out.

Information I do not have yet

  • Total amperage/Wattage capable of going to all devices at once.
  • LED Light lumens. Not incredibly bright, but also doesn’t have to be.
  • What the actual upper limit of the battery is.
  • What power levels look like after 3 months between charges (you’re supposed to charge it once every 90 days).

When I get that information and have jump started a car, we’ll consider this a proper review.

Get it!

There are plenty of promotions showing on the page right now, but assuming they’re temporary iClever’s standard Amazon price for the IC-JD31 is $99.99

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