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Vitamins made my kid crazy – a followup

Yesterday everyone was sick. Not terribly, just a little coughy, run down, baby had had trouble sleeping. I felt drained. It felt like vitamin time.

I chose the weaker in B12 of the two, talked to my 4yo who I strongly suspect freaked out on these every other day for two months, and made sure she understood that I thought this might help with the colds we had, but I wanted to know if she felt anxious.

See, I really have a problem believing what old me believed, we’d been nearly five months without a tantrum of epic proportions, and I mean it’s a Kirkland’s kid vitamin, old me had to have gotten it wrong as we had no control group. Might as well see if a little shot of the essentials cleared up the funk.

In the previous school year I had 26 phone calls from teacher, 9 times I had to come down and calm her down and remove her from the school. She was at the principal’s office at least five times.

Since I took her off the vitamins I had one call and that was resolved on the phone.

Whether it was the vitamin or just extremely weak funk, the ick started to pass. We got past the three and a half hour window of where Maggie used to freak out at school and were having what seemed to be a lazy night in until some foot stomping started at four and a half or five hours in.

Foot stomping and saying “no,” for no reason was usually the start of the freakouts in the old days. Hackles were up, had her go and play quietly for a bit as she’d started being mean, defiant for no reason, and a general hellbeast to her sister.

She calmed down for a little while, came back out, played with her 2yo sister for a bit, did a WWE move that caused baby to start crying and me to have to check for crushed ribs, screamed at the top of her lungs when told she couldn’t attempt to kill her sister, utterly destroyed her room, started kicking doors like a mad woman and screaming about tears coming out of her eyes which was the signature phrase we hadn’t heard since early May and the sign of Maggie in total meltdown.

Tantrum lasted a little less long than the old ones did, perhaps due to only having 1 vitamin, being roughly 5 pounds heavier, a little weak from being sick. We got her to calm down, she didn’t really remember too much of what had lead to the freakout and I listed off a series of things she did and how she responded and she remembered those.

She said she was nervous. I asked her about what she was nervous about and watched as she made up a reason behind what she was nervous about. I told her she didn’t have to have a reason and she said she was just very nervous and had indeed made up a reasons.

Today she’s pretty much back to normal.

Once again have to believe it’s the B12 or B6 as that’s the only thing we’ve been able to identify between what her paternal grandpa says makes him crazy (energy drinks,) and what turns a slightly precocious 4yo into a demon.

Today before we left she asked if she could have another vitamin. I recounted what she’d done the previous night and she said I probably ought not to give her one again.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.