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The latest in the ever increasing pediatrician fail files

Doctor Who onesieWhile our doctor has been great, the firm she works for seems to consistently be underwhelming.

When last we left off, my kid’s pediatrician firm had in the span of two years:

Once again, we had a good visit with the doctor on a Monday for baby’s 2 year checkup and were prescribed a $600 lotion for baby’s eczema. OK, exaggerating a bit, it’s $585 but with tax you know. From reading the 16 pages of warnings as far as I can tell it’s highly local immune system repressor that works wonders for skin problems.

Doctor puts it in, says the computer gave her a check mark meaning it was covered and the nurse would call it in. She verified the address and phone number. Yup, all good.

Tuesday I don’t get a call from my pharmacy. This isn’t a life threatening medication so I’m not in a huge rush. Wednesday Maggie was doing something on the other side of town.

Thursday I stand in line at a Walgreen’s Pharmacy with a very bored 4 year old who won’t stop acting like a dog for 37 minutes. There’s been no medication called in. I try and call the office during their hours, it claims I’m calling outside of hours. I leave a message.

I call on Friday, nobody calls me back from two messages. I call on Saturday, nada. Monday’s a holiday. Tuesday I get a call from the office, this is a week after I’d called. The nurse says she thought she had called that in but has no record of it and asks if I managed to get it.

Um, yeah, I did not manage to get a $600 prescription only medication with my smooth talking.

She then says they were closed Monday, which I figured as it was a holiday. I ask what about Friday and was told they were closed as well and didn’t bother to update their phone message.

I don’t get a call from the pharmacy on Tuesday. I called them yesterday to verify that my daughter’s medication is in there. It is.

A week after, two visits to the pharmacy each over 30 minutes I finally have a medication to try.

So another week without medication the doctor prescribed, an hour plus of my time wasted. Really like the doctor but everything else around that clinic is fail.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.