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We got an Evenflo Chase LX Harness Booster seat

Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed BoosterWith the purchase of the new vehicle we realized one of the used car seats in my arsenal was now expired, and another about to expire. Both had been purchased for the now 4-yo way back when, and had continued on being used up until this week for short trips to daycare.

After getting the Manny-van, time had come to get some better seats as I’m betting this is what we’re taking on most trips. We got an Evenflo Chase LX Harness Booster seat to replace a fairly similar but about to expire Evenflo.

This one’s been a huge hit with both girls because – cupholders. I’ve got nothing really to report on it yet except that it doesn’t rattle and install was a breeze. I’ll be transitioning from 5-point restraint system to lap belt in the next month or so but from the pictures that seems absurdly simple to accomplish.

Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster
Old and about to expire vs new

Setting the crotch strap and adjusting the harness height were as simple as loosening the belts, taking the strap off the weird batarang hook, pulling the strap out of the wrong hole, putting it in the right one, repeating for the other shoulder, and hooking things back up to the batarang.

Not a big ish.

Evenflo Chase LX Harnessed Booster

No real review yet, just got it. You can grab one for $34.47 as of this writing. I’ll have some reviews of it after use. Right now just got pictures.

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