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Customize your gadgets with your kid’s face

Toast Made custom real wood wrapsMy friends over at the PR department for Toast Made wraps managed to get me a wooden wrap for my Google Home with a laser-etched image of my kids playing nicely with each other.

I mean it was hard enough to get that photo but now that I’ve got it it’s in wood for all eternity, or at least until I ditch my Google Home.

Not that this is limited to Google home, far from it. You can slap your kid’s image (or whatever you love,) on a tablet, phone, laptop, gaming system, or pretty much any popular device.

Source image for the Toast Made custom real wood wrapsThey have various shades of wood to match the style you’re looking for, and should you want to go for a leather wrap they can do that too.

While they don’t particularly do too much on the Google Home, I can’t tell you how tickled I am that I have that photo I love on a device that’s previously been sticking out like a sore thumb with my furniture.

Made with real wood or leather you can make your gadgets match your furniture, or just stick out and look awesome.

Toast Made wraps are manufactured in Oregon, and I very much would have loved to have dropped in the last time I was out there (I’d previously reviewed them for Pocketables,) but we were beat from eight hours on a plane with the kiddos.

Toast Made custom real wood wraps

So if you want a custom leather or wood phone wrap, Xbox or Playstation cover, Google Home wooden robe, or whatever, head on over to Toast Made cases and customize a case that will show off your style, or your kids.

[Toast Made Wraps]

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