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Mighty Mug review (Biggie and Ice)

Mighty MugI was sent two of these The Mighty Mug Biggie and the Mighty Mug Ice tumbler. I decided to pit them against my toddler and four year old to see who would win the battle to knock over the nigh-unspillable mugs.

A little bit about the mugs in case you don’t know. You can think of them as a mug on a suction cup with technology woven into them so that lifting straight up releases with no force required. Any attempts to pull at an angle causes the base to hold on for dear life. Unlike a suction cup also there’s no force required when putting the mug down to adhere it.

Like a suction cup they can be defeated with a serious pull or a non-smooth surface. I found I could defeat a mighty mug with some counter dirt (salt) as that prevented the thing from air sealing, however in most cases of setting down on a filthy surface the schmutz didn’t adversely affect the seal.

Mighty Mug
Mighty Mug vs the Salt Monsters of Planet Kitchen

Mighty MugI pitted a 22 month old against the Mighty Mugs filled with water. The result was toddler properly lifting each mug so that it detached and then dropping it in three seconds.

I had the four-year-old come and attack it and the ensuing fight before Mighty Mug was knocked down was about eight seconds. Both knock-downs involved a proper lift and letting go.

Both children, ninjas of spill. I did not expect the Mighty Mugs to last that long.

I put it up against a cat who was unable to budge it by rubbing up against it as cats like to do when a mug is near a keyboard or expensive equipment. I even placed a $600 phone next to the mug to provide incentive for the cat to be a bastard. No dice. Kitty couldn’t budge it.

I slapped the Might Mugs on the refrigerator sideways in an attempt to see how long they would last. That was a few minutes before attention by toddler managed to dislodge them.

Mighty MugI don’t think I would use Mighty Mugs to climb the outside of an office building, but unless you are really trying to knock them over, it’s very difficult to cause a tipover.

I wish these had an adult-only suction release mechanism as toddler’s favorite game now is knock it over by properly lifting and releasing.

The only thing I’m not terribly impressed with is the lids – they work, they aren’t future tech but they are ok. They sort of feel plain when compared to a Spider-Man cup. Eh, everyone’s got something to gripe about I guess and that’s my only peeve.

Well, that and that there’s a piece of paper included with at least one of the Mighty Mugs that said hand-wash only. On the website it says dishwasher safe. On the bottom they say dishwasher safe. Meh, I’ll update this as soon as I get a response as to why they said hand wash only (may be the straw in the Ice mug).

Update from Mighty Mug: “at first we recommended hand washing only, but after some more recent testing we found that the functionality is not effected by the dishwasher. The insert should have been taken out of your box…” so there’s that.

You can get the Mighty Mug Biggie for $24.95 and the Mighty Mug Ice for $19.99.

While it’s not impossible to knock them over, I don’t think you can accidentally knock one over without a lot of things going wrong in sequence.

Paul King

Paul King lives in Nashville Tennessee with his wife, two daughters and cats. He writes for Pocketables, theITBaby, and is an IT consultant along with doing tech support for a film production company.