Add nighttime guide lighting with the SnapPower Switchlight and Guidelight

SnapPower Switchlight review

SnapPower has some useful products for you.

As far as I can tell most SnapPower products require only a screwdriver and about twenty seconds to install (plus any time you want to spend turning off breakers if you want to follow instructions.)

For the SnapPower Switchlight, simply unscrew the old plate, place the switchlight where the old plate was, prongs on the plate should connect/grab the outlet screws on the side where the power comes into the outlet, then screw the cover plate back on.

SnapPower Switchlight review

I’m not joking, it took more time to get the pictures than it did to install the plate.

The lights kick on when it’s dark. This is why my finger is in the picture to the left. I needed light to take the picture but dark to trigger the sensor.

The SnapPower Switchlight in the photo is currently only available on the manufacturer’s website at about $17 a pop depending on how many you want to purchase. Plan to add $8 in shipping if you go this route.

The Snappower Guidelights (electrical outlet) are available from Amazon for $16.95. It should be noted they do not work with GFI outlets.

Don’t know what a GFI outlet is? Do you have a reset and test button on the outlet? That’s probably a GFI.

SnapPower Switchlight review

I don’t think I’ve run across as simple a solution that adds functionality and still allows you to use your no-shock kid-safe outlet protection.

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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