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Zecti Travel tripod review and discount codes

Zecti Travel TripodThe Zecti Travel tripod is for any device with a standard camera screw (1/4th/20 thread.) It works well for 360 degree video, time lapse photography, and the normal take a photo use.

It comes with what looks like a US Army operational camo pattern on an over-the-shoulder tote. Unfortunately it ruins the total camo effect by putting the name of the product in white letters over it.

You could probably use green gaffer tape should you wish to enable proper active camouflage.

The Zecti Travel tripod can range between 14 and 55 inches and takes about 25 seconds to set up and balance.

The camera area can tilt about 90 degrees, rotate 360 degrees, and can be locked in any position with the twist of a knob. Two sets of balancing floats show when you’re tilted or askew.

Additionally you can configure it as a monopod should you desire. As I was  mostly indoors during testing, and outdoors currently being a hot mess of rain-soaked muck, I didn’t play with the monopod option.

Zecti Travel TripodZecti Travel TripodZecti Travel TripodZecti Travel Tripod

Growing up I had a similar tripod, although it was made of 1960’s aluminum, plastic, and tended to require a rubber band around two of the legs near the stoppers to prevent the thing from collapsing. As such at an early age I became extremely sensitive to collapsing tripods as when you’ve got one camera and are living well below the poverty line you do not damage that camera.

I don’t believe this tripod will damage your camera unless you’re really negligent in setting it up.

Zecti Travel TripodZecti Travel TripodZecti Travel TripodZecti Travel Tripod

One of the really nice features the Zecti Travel tripod has is two of the three legs have a padded grip. I’m not entirely sure why I like this so much but it’s nice when you’re attempting to frame something and keep your hands occupied. I’m assuming the third non-padded leg is used as the monopod extension.

Zecti Travel Tripod
360 degree camera sits silently judging you

Coming in at just over three pounds the tripod isn’t going to add a lot of weight to your expedition, but when every pound counts and there’s a lot of hiking involved, you might want to consider lighter options. As a general purpose travel tripod however, this works perfectly.

The Zecti Travel Tripod is available from Amazon for $56.99, but you can use code Z8Y49JO5 at the moment for an $11.50 discount. At the $45 price this hits right where it needs to be in my opinion.

4.5 / 5 stars     

Paul King

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